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Successful Birth After Womb Transplant

5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Posted on Dec 05, 2018, 12 a.m.

A Brazilian woman has successfully delivered a baby girl after having a womb transplant from a deceased donor; there have been instance where wombs from living donor have been successful, but this is the first time a womb has been successful from a deceased donor, as published in the Lancet.

The womb was obtained from a 45 year old donor who died from a burst brain aneurysm that had successfully been pregnant 3 times before death. The womb was transplanted into a 32 year old woman who had been born without a womb, but with ovaries. The organ was removed then it was transplanted and connected in a 10.5 hour surgery to the recipient’s vagina, ligaments and blood vessels around it. The recipient was given immunosupressants to help prevent her body from rejecting the organ, while she was being monitored closely for any signs of rejection.

The recipient began menstruating a month after transplant, 7 months after surgery her womb was implanted with an embryo via IVF treatment; she carried her pregnancy for 35 weeks and delivered a healthy 6 lb baby girl via caesarean section. Once the pregnancy was complete the organ was removed using the same caesarean section to remove her need for immunosupressants that would be needed for life had she kept the donated womb.

Though the entire process was successful resulting in a live birth, in an editorial experts from IVI-RMA Global note that more research needs to be conducted to refine the techniques so it can be used to benefit other women.

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