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Anti-Aging Oils Worth Adding To Your Skin Care Routine

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Posted on Sep 12, 2019, 9 p.m.

When it comes to wrinkle treatments it seems that is an endless supply of products to choose from ranging in creams, lightweight moisturizers, vitamin C serums, and acid based gels. But often these contain chemicals that some may want to avoid who would rather use a more natural approach.

For those looking to use more natural based treatments you may want to consider making your own anti-aging serum with essential oils combined with other organic ingredients. While essential oils will not get rid of wrinkles completely they can help to minimize them by boosting collagen, reducing inflammation, promoting skin cell turnover, and protecting the skin from environmental damage to help your complexion and even out your skin tone.

First you must choose an antioxidant base, antioxidant rich foods such as berries and leafy greens help to ward off chronic disease due to their effects on free radicals, but they also have an impact on wrinkles by controlling free radical scavenging activity which in turn may help to prevent damaging effects of environmental stresses. 

Rosemary essential oil is known for antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. This essential oil may also help the skin by increasing circulation and reducing overall inflammation.

Lemon essential oil contains powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, if using this essential oil take care not to expose your skin to the sun after applying as with all citrus essential oils to avoid burns.

Clary sage has antioxidant properties and antimicrobial effects that may help to prevent DNA and protein damage that may translate to anti-aging when used as skin care.

Once you have decided on an antioxidant base you then need to choose something to smooth, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. Moisture will help to keep water in the skin, properly moisturized skin will help your overall complexion. With proper moisture balance the skin should become smoother, skin cell turnover will be enhanced, and over time this will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Damask rose extract has antioxidant and antibacterial properties which may be helpful for skin cell turnover and renewal to keep skin from appearing to look dull; anti-inflammatory effects may also help to reduce redness and stressed looking skin.

Sandalwood has been used to help treat skin related diseases thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects. This essential oil has moisturizing properties due to naturally occurring emollients which help to keep the skin hydrated, and it also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by acting as a filler; astringent effects will promote skin cell turn over to help keep skin moisturized and free of buildup. 

Geranium has natural anti-inflammatory effects that may help to moisturize the skin and promote skin cell renewal in those with acne. 

Ylang-ylang oil contains free radical scavenging antioxidants that can assist with skin renewal by promoting repair of damage to skin protein and lipids. 

Neroli essential oil may help with a variety of skin ailments primarily related to fungal infections. It may also help to fight wrinkles, rebuild elasticity, and regenerate new skin cells. 

Pomegranate oil has the potential to help reduce oxidative stress that leads to free radicals, inflammation, photoaging, sunspots, and skin cancer cells.

Frankincense oil may help to reduce or prevent the appearance of sunspots, improve skin tone, and regenerate new skin cells which will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Lavender oil has powerful antioxidants that will help to combat free radicals and reduce overall stress in effects which will also have a soothing effect on skin that is stressed and dull looking. 

Keep in mind that essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil before touching the skin which will reduce the intensity of the oil so that it doesn’t irritate the skin, and it will make the product last longer. Even the carrier oils can have moisturizing benefits important to any anti-aging skin regimen. 

Jojoba is used for a variety of skin ailments as it provides ample moisture which can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, inflammation, skin lesions, and promote collagen stimulation. 

Vitamin E oil is a powerful antioxidant that can help to repair skin, evens out skin tone, combat free radicals, and boost the rejuvenating effects of other essential oils. 

Grapeseed oil is known for antioxidant properties that can help fight inflammation, nourish the skin and it has rejuvenating properties.

Apricot oil helps to provide nourishment and rejuvenation. It contains rich amounts of vitamin E, linoleic acid and oleic acid which are essential fatty acids for clear skin that may be ideal for dry skin and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Almond oil is similar to vitamin E, grapeseed and apricot oil with nourishing and rejuvenating qualities as well as anti-inflammatory benefits which may be useful for skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. Almond oil may also help to improve skin complexion, tone, scars, and dryness. 

Avocado oil is a natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects that are said to be the most effective at boosting collagen. 

Argan oil is used in numerous skin care products as it helps to boost skin elasticity to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Be sure to dilute the selected essential oils with a carrier oil before applying to the skin, you can so this by using a separate bottle for mixing or add the essential oils into the bottle of carrier oil. Typically 10 drops of essential oil are used per half ounce of carrier oil. 

Make sure to conduct a patch test once you have mixed your serum before using it widespread, especially on the face. Choose a small area away from the face to test on, inside of the elbow is the most common test spot. If you notice any reaction within 24 hours you may be allergic to the oil, do not use it. You may want to consider using a few less drops of essential oils and try again. 

To get the best anti-aging results you might want to use your essential oil serum twice a day just as a wrinkle cream in the morning and at night to maximize results. It may take up to three months for any wrinkle remedy to take effect according to the American Academy of Dermatology. 

Essential oils may be natural but they are not completely risk free as plants can cause an allergic reaction in some such as hives, redness, bumps, rash, itchiness, sneezing, and a runny nose. If you think you are having a severe reaction such as anaphylaxis seek immediate help. 

To reduce the risk of allergic reaction always conduct skin patch testing twice a day for up to five days before using widespread. It is important not to expose your skin to sunlight if you are using citrus oils even when diluted as this can cause burns. Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA and they should not be ingested. 

Essential oils can be added to your anti-aging skin care routine, but it is recommended to consult with your doctor before using them to discuss any potential risks or possible negative reactions. 

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